12 Strange Nepalese Customs and Manners

Every country has its own customs, manners, and traditions. It can vary from country to country. With easy access to the internet and globalization, people tend to know about different customs and mannerisms.

However, there are several strange customs and manners in Nepal which will blow your mind:

  1. Whenever you touch your throat, you better blow over your fingers; otherwise, you will grow a goiter.
  2. When a woman combs her hair, she must spit upon the hair that has come off before throwing it away. This is to stop a witch from taking possession of the hair with the intention of doing her some harm.
  3. After sundown, the house must not be cleaned nor were the trash and dirt thrown away.
  4. Two pitchers full of water are placed on either side of the doorway when the traveler is about to leave the house. When he comes out, he drops a few coins into the pitchers. It is considered inauspicious to see an empty water-pot when one comes out of the house.
  5. He who eats burnt rice will become foolish.
  6. Don’t point at the fruit in a tree with your finger, the fruits will go bad.
  7. It is inauspicious to see a cat cross one’s path when one is going on a journey. 
  8. A ceremony for a dead cat has to be gone through as in the case of the death of a person.
  9. If a person makes an appearance when the name is being mentioned, it is said that he or she will have a long life.
  10. If the soles of your feet itch, it is to tell you that you will travel soon.
  11. A white spot on your fingernails is a sign that you will get new clothes.
  12. To put on clothes with the wrong side out brings bad luck.

These are the common practice of every Nepalese. Hope you returned to your childhood when you had these manners.