8 Fundamental Life Lessons that we have learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up until January 5, 2021, there are 84,474,195 confirmed cases, 1,848,704 confirmed Deaths, and 222 countries are affected by the Corona Virus. It’s been more than a year since the first case of Covid 19 was found in Wuhan, China. With the easy mobility of human species all over the world, the Coronavirus traveled everywhere excluding several countries or areas. It has completely changed our perception of life. Besides, it has made face masks, social distancing, and the trendy fashion that people will follow for many years to come. There have been many lockdowns, shutdowns, and prohibitory actions all around the world to prevent the transmission of the virus. The death toll has exceeded its limits leaving a chaotic situation in the whole universe. 

During this time, there are several lessons that we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic which I would like to share with you so that you can value your life and the time we have been granted.


All our lives, we search for money, career, education, achievements but we forget that we have expiry dates with us which are a fact that no one can change and deny. We have hate and ego for each other forgetting the fact of being dead someday. Therefore, let’s not argue over small things and live a better life because as we already know Life is for once and it won’t be granted again.


We all are busy and live in the world of hurry. It seems like nobody has time for anything, even to check their own health. The mortality of the virus is high for the one who is already sick and are weak in immunity. Health is wealth so let’s not neglect our health as it is the only thing that will keep us alive for a long period of time. Get your doctor’s appointment if you have any health issues. Do not think I will go tomorrow. VISIT the doctor for regular checkups often.


When you are sick and sad, your family is there for you no matter what happens. During this pandemic, many family members have lost their lives and made a hollow space in their loved ones’ hearts. Family is that powerhouse that will support you in your every step. There are cases where the family is neglected because people have high ambitions and chase after them. The importance of a person is understood only if we lose them. So, instead of crying over the loss, why don’t we start to make time for our families and let them know that you really appreciate having them?


We, humans, are selfish because we only think of our own benefits. Look at the environment and all the pollution happening around. Aren’t we responsible for that? Yes, we are. We are destroying the innocence of our nature who has given us everything we want. Due to the exploitation of nature, maybe nature is taking revenge on us. Our human race is on the verge of destruction. The nature during lockdowns was so refreshing. There was news that the environment has improved better with low pollution rates because many vehicles, factories, companies were shut down for many months. Thus, it is better to protect our mother nature to keep us alive.


In these pandemic days, technology has played a great role to make or break a person. When whole humans were inside their houses and rooms, the internet saved everyone. People were not bored and they utilized their time by learning online, learning new skills, connecting with friends and families, etc. whereas, there are cases of many cybercrimes happening around by like-minded people who use technology as a weapon to hurt others. If you use the technology positively, you will be blessed and if used negatively, you will be cursed.


Maybe, you always wanted to learn cooking but there was no time for you to sit and learn about it. In this fast life, everyone is busy with their works and sometimes, they forget about their hobbies. In that case, these hard times have led us to learn new things inside our comfort zone. YouTube became our teacher at home and many people have learned new skills like cooking, dancing, singing, gardening, painting, and many more. No age is specified to learn new things and no one can stop people from learning.


We worship in temples but during this pandemic, human served as a god. The frontline workers like doctors, nurses, and people involved in the medicinal industry and many more have helped save millions of people and their services are noteworthy. They risked their lives to save others. Therefore, they should all be respected for what they have contributed to humanity.


It is said from always that good hygiene keeps people alive for a long time. It has been proved with the current scenario where washing hands, keeping away from the crowds, and many other hygienic techniques are used to stop transmission of the virus. If we want to leave longer and enjoy this life, then good hygiene must be maintained.

Lastly, with the pandemic still going on and many superheroes’ are working to control it through their own field, we should not take it lightly and easily. This has taken many people down their graves, so, let’s be safe and use all the preventive measures issued by the government and health organizations.