8 Productive Things To Do While at Home – During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Apart from eating, sleeping, and surfing the internet during this second wave of Covid-19 Pandemic in Nepal, I have got you covered with some of the tips that you can follow to utilize your time in a better and unexpected way. Take this time to develop your inner self instead of panicking over the chaos around us. For now, staying home is the ultimate way of preventing us from Covid-19. Therefore, you can take this article as a reference and start making your day productive.

Here are the Eight Productive things which we can do while at home during the covid-19 lockdown:

1.) Workout/Meditate:

Have you ever feel you are unhealthy and a little bit on the heavier side or you feel restless and helpless in your life? Then, this is the time when you can start working out and meditate. This will allow you to love your body and soul. Meditation will cleanse your soul and mind whereas, working out will ensure you are sweating and your body is active. You can look at YouTube and google about many workouts and ways of meditation.

2.) Eat Healthy Foods:

Woman lying on bed holding board

Just because you are eating anything and is not making you feel sick, does not mean it is healthy. Fast and junk foods are easy to get and eat but they are affecting our health in long run. This pandemic has also taught us that in life there are many extra things that we are considering important but basic meals and fruits are some of the necessary food items that will make us healthy. Try eating clean with lots of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients which will cut your habit of eating fast foods.

3.) Sleep 6-8 Hours a Day:

You might say yes we do sleep all the time but I am speaking real sleeping. Having a good night’s sleep can boost your metabolism and make you look younger as well. It is recommended not to use your mobile phones and other electronic items before sleep to have a good sleep. Try meditating before sleep to enhance your sleep.

4.) Cut the Toxic People Out:

We meet and keep in contact with many people who may be good and bad for us as per the circumstances. Since you have time, look for people who make you feel uncomfortable or negative thoughts people who discourage you in your life, and make sure to make distance from them in real and virtual life. This will improve your mental health and make you feel less burdened.

5.) Respect and Love Your Family:

There are times when you hate your parents’ decision to restrict you from doing certain things. It happens to all so don’t take it else way. If you have prioritized your carrier or studies over your parents then this is the perfect time to rekindle your relationship with your family members.

Respect your parents and love your younger ones. Make them feel special because you never know when will be the last time you will be sharing that beautiful moment with them.

6.) Clean your Emails, Messages, and Call Log:

Trust me just clean your emails, messages, and unnecessary call logs and you will feel the change. This will clarify your mentality and you feel revived. Decluttering your unseen inboxes and messages will make you feel accomplished.

7.) Write your Goals:

Note down your short terms plan and long-term goals. Writing it down will make you feel encouraged to achieve it anyhow and anyway.
This will prevent you from forgetting your goals in life. Think wisely and make a list of it during this free time and start achieving it after everything is fine and better.

8.) Nourish your Mind:

You need to look after your body but most importantly nourish your mind for better and worst days. Educate yourself on things that will be useful in your life. Learn about skills that will make you happy in the future. Discover hobbies that will help you understand life and will be helpful in your carrier. Surround yourself with positivity and be happy.

These are the few things you can do while staying at home. You can do so much better and try to discover yourself. You can find your worth and raise your standards which will help you while you get outside your house and start to live life normally. Lastly, Keep in touch with those people who inspire you and never forget that we can surpass any hurdles in life if we didn’t give up. Take care of yourself and your near ones.