Few Tips to Keep you Engaged and Interested in Studying

The study is the devotion of time and interest to achieve expertise of a tutorial subject, specifically through the ability of books. It is very important to be educated in this competitive environment where studies have been a vital part of every human. Having good studies shows the intellectual and mental capacity of a student. Studies provide a purpose in life from where we can find what we want to do in our lives.

The purpose will also give us the motivation to achieve something in life. Although the importance of good education and studies is highly praised, the task of studying can be tiresome and difficult. Studying requires concentration but it is hard to focus on one thing when you have lots of things to think about. The good news is that you can master the practice of studying by staying focused and not letting your thoughts wander.

Here are few tips to keep you engaged and interested in studying:

  • Direction
  • Selection of Color
  • Distractions
  • Worship
  • Composition of Study Room
  • Organize
  • Body Posture
  • Set Goals
  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Small Breaks


It is best advised to face towards East or North-East direction when you are studying. This will enhance your studying capability as different directions can affect your mind as per Vastu Sastra.

Selection of color:

Color plays a vital room in any individual life and moods. Try using light colors like White, Green, and Blue around your study areas. Avoid bright colors that will distract you.


While studying, avoid keeping a mirror that can be seen from your study desk as this will cause a major distraction. Also, do not paste or hang any objects that will distract your concentration.


Worshipping is not only about god and goddess. It is also about faith and the right paths they show. You can worship Goddess Saraswati every day as per your belief and culture. Further, you can also worship as per your culture but the main purpose is to enhance your concentration and have positive thinking.

Composition of study room:

Study room or study area whatever it can be but never study on your bed. It can be unhealthy and full of distractions. The bed is associated with comfort and studying there will not let you focus and you tend to fall asleep. Instead of that, you can sit on any hard surface rather than a soft surface. You can sit on a chair for better focus. Leave a little space between the wall and the table where you study.


Never leave your room messy. Try to keep it neat and clean which will give you positive vibes. Having a dirty room will increase your chance of being distracted.

Body posture:

A good posture is necessary for any student so that he won’t have body ache due to longer studying hours. Try to sit straight and if you feel inactive, you can have several simple stretching exercises.

Set goals

Before studying, try to set your goals and targets. For example, prewrite the result you want on a piece of paper and paste it in front of your study table to keep you motivated and focused. Set goals one at a time and affordable.


Without proper sleeping hours, your mind will be unable to function well so try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. After you have good sleep, you can have better energy to give time to your studies.


You are what you intake. Therefore, choose healthy foods over fast foods. It will be hard for you if you get sick due to a bad choice of food whiles studying.

Small Breaks

No one guarantees you that studying for longer hours is the key to success. Rather than that, smart learning is the key to success. Instead of long hours why don’t you take breaks between intervals and refresh your mind. This way you can perform well in your academics and life.

And lastly, believe in yourself and have positive thoughts which can help greatly in your studies.