How to Have A Healthy Relationship with Social Media – 2021

The infamous words, ‘Social Media’ keep on lingering in everyone’s mouth. Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networks and communities. Users of social media engagement through computers or smartphones via web-based software or applications. There are ample amounts of applications on the internet like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, and many more through which people can express their feelings and opinions without hindrance. However, with easy internet access, people are spending hours of hours scrolling up and down wasting time without any particular purpose.

According to experts, you should spend 30 minutes or less per day as the maximum time on social media. With many advantages but it also comes with disadvantages like eye and health problems, brain drain, and wasting time and effort. It is causing long-term impacts on children also as it encourages comfort and doesn’t make people work and explore. Hence, we should be very careful with the use of social media especially children should be away from excessive use of social media. To maintain a healthy relationship with social media, we list down some of the tips that can help you for sure:

1. Set a Timer:

You can set your timer for how long you want to spend scrolling. You can also separate your time for each social media handles to properly plan your precious time. It is recommended to spend 30 minutes per day on social media but in reality, we spend many hours searching and scrolling. To prevent overuse and toxic relation with social media, it is a great idea to set a timer and follow accordingly.

2. Look at Who you Follow:

With so many resources found on the internet, we can follow everyone and everything from every aspect from fashion to lifestyles. If you got free time, scrutinize who you follow and what you follow, categorize which following of yours is important, or you just randomly follow without any learning and motives. Leave behind those which you don’t feel useful and are starting to put up explicit and inappropriate content.

3. Go online to connect not compare:

In social media, people upload what they want people to see not their flaws and insecurities. Maybe, you will see a family photo of a family which looks perfect outside but can not be as per your expectations. You cannot compare that with your own family as your and their lives are not the same. The expectations that are created from social media should not be compared in real life as it can lead to disappointments and sadness. Therefore, go online to connect not compare yourself as they may have a happy side but the sad side is hidden.

4. Don’t post in real-time:

Never prioritize your happiness and real life with social media. Enjoy your time instead of hanging in your mobile phones. Also, you can capture beautiful pictures and cinematography that you can treasure whole your life. But, do not post instantly, maybe you take some time to enjoy your real-time and upload it later in your free time. This will reduce your pressure to look perfect and be perfect for social media.

5. Take a break:

Take a break from social media and why not? Having intervals between your scrolling can lead to freshening up your mind and eyes. Taking a break can revive your mind from scrolling and being lazy. Take a few minutes breaks in between your social media time.

Staying on social media can help extend your life, but it can also easily become an added stress, and increase the symptoms of potential anxiety or depression. Using some of these tips you can build healthy social media habits to create balance in your life, protect your mental health, and help your social media use a positive force instead of a negative one.