Is Social Media making you happier?

People have engaged on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tiktok. Social media has become like a breeze because they can’t live without it. They want to show their beautiful lifestyle and fashion. Particularly, we can talk about Instagram, people look like they have a better than they do. They’re able to take many pictures and are posting pictures when they are really happy and they’re modifying those pictures better looking. They select the pictures which are good looking, lighting, and angling. So people are seen better looking than who they are.
It’s important to know when looking at pictures that people don’t see what they’re looking in pictures. And they see on Instagram where people are happier. I’m not that good looking. I’m not happy. I’m sad. How happy they are, how ugly I am. I haven’t attractive eyes, hairstyles, lips, or any other body parts and attractive lifestyles. You know that’s going to make me feel sad. So when in fact those people you seem to super happy are not that happy, some are depressed and are sad.

Why do you want to look good all the time??
People do compare to each other on social media. Most young people follow celebrities on Instagram and try to take a closer look at their activities!

Comparison is the thief of your joy and happiness. Because of that (Happiness = Reality – Expectation)

At one point, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor said that we look glamorous because of the makeup, camera, lighting, dress up that you see us on screen, magazines, and social media. Many personalities play an important role in our well-being. In ordinary life, we ​​are ordinary people like you. Accept who you are, you are beautiful, be happy with yourself and accept yourself.
Nowadays, based on the photo on social media, people decide to start a relationship with a stranger, they actually meet, find each other differently and break up the relationship. The way they think about it, they can’t get the expectation from another person. It makes people feel their self-esteem has decreased.
So, You don’t compare your life to what you see on social media. When you start comparing with social media’s pictures or Tiktok videos, you’re going to frustration and anxiety because there has a vast difference in social media and real-life situations.