Marble dada – Short Hiking Destination near Kathmandu

Marble dada

Kathmandu valley is surrounded by beautiful hills and side small villages. You have so many hiking destinations where you can choose to feel the fresh air of the refreshing nature. Marble Dada is such a short hiking destination that you will take a narrow path to reach the green forest.

The smell, the sound, and the cool breeze are refreshing the road to the mountains. There will be a 20-25 minute walk with the blue sky above and the chirping sound of the surrounding green trees and birds (eps. the sound of Jhyaukiri). The main flavor comes when you reach the top. The view from Dada (the top of the hill) is not a daily view. Once you get there, you can experience the beautiful green hills and small valleys that you can see with your own eyes, away from the city. You want to spend an hour or so with the quiet view and have fun with your friends, with some snacks and gather with friends.

Marble Dada is a viewpoint where you can see beautiful scenes of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, green forest hills, the building of the International Conference Hall, and National Herbarium & Plant Laboratories (KATH). The largest herbarium in Nepal. Homes more than 170,000 plant specimens. A unique collection of botany and flora in the library. Phulchoki at the foot of the hill.

A view from marble dada

When you stand from the viewpoint of marble dada, you start to feel the touch of fresh air on your skin and the beautiful scenario of Marble Dada makes you feel like you’re in heaven.

There are two ways to get to this place: (1) by taking a wide enough hiking trail for bikes and (2) by walking through the jungle. I advise you to by the walking through the jungle.

Why remained the name of the marble dada?

The hill is named after a long-established marble factory, which is no longer in operation now.

Step-by-step information that you have to know before you go there;

The way of Godawari is well constructed. If you have your vehicle you can go easily otherwise you can catch a microbus from Satdobato where routed vehicles are standing.

Marble dada hill is about 10 kilometers from Satdobato towards the Godawari. Go to Fulchowki from Godawari bus stop/micro stand.

After 100 meters, you can see a house where vehicles and motorcycles are parked. From there you have to walk about 20 minutes to reach Marble Hill.

It is better to bring some Snacks to have fun on top of the hill. Limited options will be available at the small shops located at the Marble Factory stop.

Don’t forget to carry drinking water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated while hiking.

Make sure you have to carry basic first aid such as hansaplast, and sunscreen cream. Since some parts of the path are bushy, you can find scratches here and there on your skin.

Keep the trail clean and manage your garbage.

Don’t forget to take amazing pictures from the top of the hill.

Note: In Nepal, the number of hikers is increasing day by day. Hiking became of the favorite sports of Nepalese People. Easily accessible, adults and children are amazed by the mother’s natural beauty and enjoy the fresh open air. But to preserve our environment, and let future generations enjoy the same landscape. You can make your snacks and lunch before leaving and store them in sealable containers. That way you will limit waste. Try to keep nature clean, change yourself, and be a decent and responsible citizen.  “Paribartan Ma bata”

Due to the busyness of work and study, we, the people of Kathmandu, have forgotten to take a short break in nature. We have so many beautiful natural places that we can explore. Marble Dada is the best place for those new to hiking, as the trail is shorter and will exceed your expectations. You can visit this destination with your friends and family.

Happy Short Hiking!