My journey of learning guitar

I don’t have close friends or special people to share my feelings with. I have one thing, with which I can spend many moments, I can heal my pain and sorrow which is my guitar. It is my everything…. I think we have the patience to learn something new. This journey was not easy for me as learning to play the guitar is a bit more difficult than other instruments; Harmonium, piano, keyboard, and tabla. It was too much hard. My fingers hurt and horrible sounds coming from the guitar. In the early stages, the fingers can’t move properly from one chord to another and stay at the exact strings. Everyone wants to play the guitar because it gives them differently. I have met many friends who want to learn but give up in the middle. I’m telling you how I started learning and why it’s important to learn.

I was suffering from depression in 2016. When I could not get rid of my pain. I had no choice to do. I lost my study, I lost a job. I didn’t want to talk to others, I slept all day and night. Finally, I decided to learn music because I was interested in classical music and I took vocal classes at a popular music institute in the city for two months. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue my classes on a regular basis. The main reason was this, I was not excited to do anything. I hadn’t passion, commitment, and willing power.

A year later, I re-enrolled in college. I met one friend he was different from others because he was also interested in music and used to play the guitar. I was inspired by him but not completely. gradually, my interest was moving towards playing the guitar. But I didn’t have good enough money for buying an instrument. I started to save money. My first guitar was low cost and low quality. if you are a beginner don’t buy more expensive.

I learned to play the basic chords of the guitar by watching a YouTube tutorial. I just went to the institute for the improvement of bar chords for 2 months. The class runs twice a week. But I am comfortable with my own way of learning alone. acoustic pahadi is the best channel of mine. I gain a lot of knowledge about how to play strumming patterns in different ways.

I use the YouTube tutorials because I have a problem with the online class which is the payment system. I can’t afford it.

It’s been almost one year to familiar guitar chords. I’m not the perfect guitar player. I am still struggling with this instrument. There is no one to reach the peak of the guitar Everest. But you never give up even though whichever situation comes here.

When this journey begins, my all anxiety and mental illness go away from my life. It really helpful for my painful life because when I start to sing a song playing with the guitar. I forget all the fucking part which hunting me every second. I can feel amazing and see the world really beautiful. That’s why it is most important for everyone’s life including my life. I recommend to you, you need to learn to play musical instruments in whatever you’re interested.
You don’t need to doctor’s prescription and follow up if you have any mental problems. Music heals all the pain.
Actually, I am a self-motivated person. I inspire myself and do encourage day by day myself. I really wanna give thank you to my guitar for changing my whole life magically.

Success in any field is not easy. For learning guitar, You should do practice continuously with full of passion.
Nowadays, we don’t need to go to the institute physically. We have lots of opportunities for learning with international or national teachers and available many websites that teach you without any hesitation. Just we can have the best skills.
I hope, this article will inspire you. And I would like to hear about your journey like mine becoming a future greatest guitar player( esp. Female guitar player).