The Pros and Cons of Abroad Study

The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Higher education for Nepalese students in other developed countries like the USA, UK, and Australia is very high. Before 2007 Nepalese Students wants to emigrate to other countries due to the internal turmoil in Society due to the Civil war. But after the restoration of democracy and an increase in the per capita income, most of the families are able to afford to fund their children to study in a foreign country. Therefore nowadays it is a trend for many Nepalese students to go to study in other countries. Last year 65000 students apply for the NOC(No objection Letter) according to Nepal Government. For most of the students, their first choice is Australia, the USA, and Canada. Internationally Nepalese students occupy the third most position in the Australian Education Industry behind only China and India despite the fact that Nepal is far behind in population density and geography.

Nepalese parents pay more than 15K per student USD. Most of us think that student going to abroad study is to acquire knowledge skills and working environment which can be implemented after returning to the home country. Most after going to develop countries students want to work and live in other countries because of a better lifestyle in their home country.  I am not against any other who wants to upgrade their lifestyle and make a decent living. But the main problem is the effect of this that can cause an effect on all aspects of the nation’s economy. Since we are a cash strapped nation but billions of rupees have been flowing outside of our country which can be utilized in the development of the country. And another effect of this is the brain drain. Most of our brightest brains are wanting to go for the better opportunity which can cause a chain reaction in many aspects of the economy as we have seen in countries like Iran. Iran has been experiencing the devastating effects of brain drain since 1979. Most of the highly skilled and highly intellectual wants to leave the country which has forced the Iranian government to introduce tough laws. 

Therefore our government should be focused on policy retaining those high skill workforce and utilized them in the development of the nation economy.