12 Most Practicable New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

So, New Year 2021 is up and you are still celebrating it. You love it because it is a new start and a fresh chapter of your life. Isn’t it wonderful to forgive the past and look forward to a new day full of happiness and success? Yes it is. Life is full of surprises and a journey to self-acceptance. Let go of all the troubles you had and consider this year or many more to come as the year for YOU and only YOU.

Here are the 12 Most Practicable New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 that you can try this year to ease up your life:

1. NO to debt and YES to saving

If you have debts, then try to repay it as soon as possible because loan increases more tension and pressure. It hinders your growth financially. If possible, better try to save a certain amount for emergencies and when needed. Saving is for the future to spend so think wise, control your money management, and try to minimize the expenses. It helps to make you feel secure financially as well.

2. Learn a new skill

If you don’t know how to cook, ride a bike/scooter, or anything you want to learn but have been delayed for no particular reason, then this is the time for you to learn a new skill. You can ask family and friends for better recommendations and learn the new skill which can help you be skilled in the field which you have your interest in. 

3. More books, wider the understanding

Reading books is not only about learning and preparing for some tests. It is about understanding the insights given by the books. The words enhance our imagination and help in concentration. The only thing you can experience without being participated is to read the books written by the experienced. 

4. Clean everything

Surely, we do clean-up as needed but there are times when we don’t clean up properly. Physically, we do clean, but it is important that cleaning can be more than just taking off dust and dirt. With this pandemic taking place around, humans are into intellectual issues and stress which can virtually mess up the entirety of life. Therefore, ease your surroundings, physique, and most importantly your thinking for you and no one else.

5. Drink more WATER and less ALCOHOL

Water is vital for the human body but due to busy lives, we tend to drink less water and more alcoholic beverages. This year, promise yourself that you will drink more than 2 liters of water every single day. I don’t mean to quit alcohol but to consume it less.

6. Quit one bad habit

There is no one who doesn’t have bad habits. It can be you smoke, you are not punctual, you lie, you get scared, and many more which can decrease your standard. Try to make sure that you leave behind one bad habit of yours and adopt new habits that benefit you. It is definitely hard but not impossible to go and start afresh because it is New Year (all smiles).

7. Healthy eating

In the world of fast foods and beverages, there is little space for healthy foods. This new month, why not eat at home instead of dining out and spending loads of money. Including salads and green leaves doesn’t hurt anyone, isn’t it? You can look up YouTube for recipes if you don’t know much about it.

8. Own a plant or more

Imagine, you plant something and it starts to bloom or give you something to eat, doesn’t it gives you that pleasant feeling? With all the initial hardworking, it will surely help you find happiness in small things. Also, a study shows that nurturing a plant can help you get out of depression or any other mental troubles. So, why not own one for yourself.

9. Click more pictures

The covid pandemic has taught us that life is temporary and you never know when will be the last laugh together so take as many pictures and videos together with your family and friends. Celebrate every single moment, print put photographs, and hang them in frames and make the memories forever alive.

10. Donate/Thrift old clothes

Old doesn’t mean always to throw. If you feel you can reuse it again then why not give it to someone in need. You can donate your clothes to charity. Furthermore, you can also sell the old items in thrift stores which will help you get some cash for pocket money. It means you are helping your pockets, people in need, and the environment in general. You can find many thrift stores opened in Nepal now.

11. Pamper yourself

You’ve had a busy day or busy life and forget that you have a life to live, then don’t be shy to pamper yourself. Go get a new hair look, get a facial done, go to the spa, sauna, polish your damn soft skins, go for some makeup and dress up, eat your favorite food and make yourself special because you are SPECIAL. 

12. Be RESPONSIBLE and Accept your FLAWS

Are you afraid of your responsibility? Please don’t be so because you have someone who is looking up to you, you might be a hope to your family. In this case, embrace your responsibility and work accordingly. This will assist you a lot in later life. Nothing feels so surreal to accept one’s flaws and work on them. If your flaws are making you feel insecure then convert them into your strength. This will make you a higher model of yourself.

A man is not made in a day, he keeps on growing and growing. Likewise, you can never stop dreaming and improve yourself.