Are you thinking of buying a new bike?

thinking of buying a new bike

Are you thinking of buying a new bike/scooter or already own one? It looks tempting that you can travel anywhere you like without having to wait like public vehicles. But then you also have the pros and cons of riding a bike/scooter. I own a scooter and had high hopes that I can be free to ride to places of my choice. Never had I imagined the few things that I experienced while riding. Below are a few things no one tells you about riding.

1. The first one will not be the best

Yeah, you finally found the one for you and you loved it so much. But with time, you will find some weaknesses in the machine which can make you feel a little bit disappointed. It can also be that you bought it and a new improved model gets launched afterward. Obviously, it makes you feel sad but that doesn’t mean you can replace them so enjoy what you have.

2. Addictive

After you have your own bike/scooter, who wouldn’t want to travel here and there. You will search for places to ride with friends and family or alone as well. You can travel to far places and enjoy a scenic view of your town and village.

3. Get called by friends more often

Since everyone including you is excited to see your own one but do remember they will remember you more than ever. Whether they need to go anywhere urgently or travel to new places, they will surely call you up because you got a bike/scooter and load another person also. (Smiles)

4. Interest in the mechanism

When you have some problems with the bike/scooter, you will try to fix it yourself because you are the owner and why spend money when you can fix it yourself. You will learn to fix minor problems like tighten brakes, fix several cables, wash, and many more with the help of riding manuals and the internet.

5. Get ready to sunburn your hands and neck

With the addiction to riding in summer and other times, you will be surprised to see your hand sunburnt. Especially for girls, it can make them feel frustrated. It is recommended to use hand gloves or sunscreen before riding. Cover the area which is exposed to the sun while riding and reduce the chance to get sunburnt.

6. Rain

With unpredicted weather, it is hard to forecast when it will rain. In the case of the scooter, it is easier to carry a raincoat but it is hard for bike riders to carry one every time. Unexpected rain can drench riders and can make them sick due to cold and water. In this matter, try to look after the weather forecast before you leave your house.

7. Big Vehicles don’t see you

It is hard for new riders to ride bikes/scooters inroads as the big vehicles like bus, truck, tippers, and more don’t see your presence. Especially at night time, their speed is high and sometimes with darkness, accidents can happen. The greater risk is for riders as they are exposed more to injuries and accidents. Therefore, try to wear brighter color clothes and avoid wearing black clothes as this will color blind the drivers in darkness. Follow traffic rules and make sure to protect yourself from any possible dangers.

8. Search for Petrol station

It is no problem for you to fill up the tank in familiar places but if you go to new places and your tank is short of petrol then the anxiety is so real. You keep on riding and riding until you find the petrol station which can be sometimes so stressful.

In Conclusion

Be alert and follow the laws and I hope these tips will surely help your thinking of buying a new bike.