Advantages and disadvantages of Lockdown

Advantages and disadvantages of Lockdown

All people are suffering from the Covid-19 Pandemic situation. No one knows how’s long going on. We have been imprisoning at home for a long time. This is a difficult time for everyone. People are becoming weak physically and mentally. We need to be strong because our efforts fail ahead of time. We must learn to move with unexpected moments.
So, let’s start at….

Advantages of Lockdown

Chance to know yourself:
In normal life we ​​are running after office work, study, and money. We are in such a rush that there is no time to eat, sleep, or look at ourselves. What I like or dislike, how much creativity I have and how to utilize it. Some people are ignorant of these things. We seek happiness from others. You can respect yourself by understanding your importance.

Spend time with family:
Most young people are forced to live away from their families for the sake of their future and their livelihood. we can be spent family time in lockdown by mutual support and harmony. It is a great pleasure to have family members reunion.

Learn new ideas:
We can learn many things through the internet like how to make new item foods. You can make yourself efficient by correcting the weaknesses at work.

Write Novel:
If you have a good knowledge of literature or a good writing style, you can write a novel.

Write songs and compose:
If you’re interested in songwriting and composing, it’s a better time for you and your creativity.

learn musical instruments:
Nobody can hate Music. Music heals sorrow and anxiety. Even animals love music. I think everyone should try to learn any musical instrument. It could be a guitar, harmonium, keyboard, piano, or anything else you want to learn.

Disadvantages of lockdown

Financial scarcity:
Nowadays, poor and middle-class families are facing this situation badly. This is a situation where people were living on wages, they and people living on the streets are starving.

Some people losed job:
Some employees of private companies have lost their jobs while some are afraid of losing their jobs.

The huge decline in the Country’s economy:
Now not only developing countries but also developed countries are facing an economic crisis like the USA, India. because human resources are not being used properly and some industrial areas are closed. Economic activity has not kept pace.

misunderstanding with family members:
People from the same family may not all have the same ability to thinking and understanding. Sit together for long periods of time can lead to differences. It creates the family quarrels. sometimes it could be a big issue

The student lost regular education schedule:
most of the university and school students are losing their regular study. it affects the student’s career because you may not have the age at which age you should have an academic degree. Reading habits are disappearing, especially among school-going children. Somehow University students also….

I have written this article by my own experience and thought. Here hasn’t included accurate data or anyone’s statement.