Prevention for Pollution

Air polution in kathmandu

Nepal Government shuts down all the educational institutions for four days as air pollution hits alarming levels. It is happening first time after many years. Lately, the weather was gloomy and people were suffering from stinging eyes and itchiness which are the result of control air pollution. There are many reasons for air pollution but today we will be discussing prevention for pollution.

Don’t burn your garbage:

Many people think that burning garbage is the proper way of managing waste but the study has shown that it is deteriorating the environment. Therefore, do not rush to burn it all. Instead, wait for your garbage taker and dispose of it. The smoke emitted from the garbage will go up in the sky and helps in the formation of air pollution.

Garbage burn

Stay inside:

Unless and until you have works, do no unnecessarily stroll around in the morning or night. Make sure to keep your children and old age parents inside and visit different places as the problems are affecting you severely. Staying inside the home will give you less exposure to air pollution and prevent you from different difficulties like sour throat, eyes problems, lung problems, and many more.

Staying inside the home


Haphazard human activities are hampering the environment and the living situation is getting worse. You can contribute from your side by recycling your old things. Furthermore, there are many websites and company that takes old items and pay cash in return. Some of them are Doko Recyclers,, and cycle hawkers (khalisisi bhaiya) who exchange cash over your old recyclable goods. You can sell papers, bottles, metals, old electronic items, and many more.

Plastic Recycle


Do you know you can reuse your old unused items? You can give your old clothes to the thrift store and find your old clothes a new owner. You can reuse the old bucket to plant new plants and flowers. There are so many ways to reuse old items for new purposes. You can take the help of the internet to find out ways to find how to reuse. 

reuse unused item

Save resources:

Resources like water, electricity, machine and many more are great for our daily lives but we have been using them recklessly leading it to pollution. For this, try to switch off the lights after use at night or any other time of the day. You can save water, electricity, fuels, and many more to save the environment. Saving resources mean using less power and contributing less to pollution. You can save your money as well.

Say NO to plastic:

Plastics stay in landfills more than we live and witness many generations. The adverse effect of plastic is undeniable. We can’t abolish plastic from our lives but we can minimize the use of plastic. You can take grocery shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. You can use less plastic for a better environment.

Plastic bag

Implement Afforestation:

Start planting trees in your home if you have space. You can plant one more plant and help a little to save the environment from pollution. You also feel better seeing the greenery around you. Either way, you can form a group and start a campaign for afforestation.

afforestation in nepal

So, these are the few points to consider to help from your side to prevent yourself from pollution. Make sure to wear your mask and follow necessary hygienic measures. It is our government’s responsibility to manage pollution. However, the change should start from us so be changed and start from your side to make a big difference in the future.  

Air pollution in Kathmandu