The second wave of Covid-19 2021; How to Homecare for Families

It was first recognized in late 2019, COVID-19 has received its identity from the year it got here down upon humans as the worst nightmare. The ailment has shaken the world to its core and has compelled us to take drastic steps that go towards our lifestyle, and imprisoned us to our very own houses. The streets that had been typically jammed with vehicles, the footpaths that had been packed with throngs of human beings are silent and empty due to the risk of COVID-19.

With the second wave of Covid-19 Pandemic all around the world. In the current scenario of India, the situation is going to out of control. The number of death and infected people are increasing drastically. Graveyards are out of space and lack proper oxygen and hospital beds.

Nepal is no exception to it and the government is trying its best to control it. With the new variant of Corona Virus, it is seen that the virus is in the stage of being transmitted easily and rapidly. The respective states of Nepal have started to give prohibitory orders for less human crowd activities which can help to break the chain of transmission. With a lack of proper quarantine spaces and hospital beds, it is sure that the coronavirus patients are forced to stay in their own houses in case of normal mode.

Here are some of the habits that you can follow inside your house to homecare for families:

1. Change in Sanitary habits:

Woman Applying Hand Sanitizer

We have been told to wash hands and legs after we return home from our mother and elders since our childhood. This comes with scientific logic. We might attract dirt and bacteria outside on our body so we need to clean ourselves. With this pandemic, the cleanliness habits of people matter the most. The best thing we can do in this pandemic is to change our habits and start washing our hands and ourselves time and again.

2. Always wear a mask:

Person Wearing White Face Mask

Never forget that wearing a mask doesn’t mean it will prevent the virus from getting transmitted but helps to reduce the chances of getting infected. Wearing the proper kind of mask will help to protect you from the virus if you do not touch your used mask with your hands. If you have any infected person around, make sure to always use a mask to protect yourself.

3. Physical Distancing:

Sign of Social Distance

A minimum distance of 1 meter is recommended by WHO as the Virus is transmitted through our respiratory droplets. Therefore, keep your distance maintained to keep yourself less prone to the virus. If you have an infected person living with you then always wear a mask and maintain physical distance. It is best to keep the infected person in a separate room but if you have no such circumstances then you can choose to maintain physical distance.

4. Room with ventilation:

Room in daytime

Since the virus is not airborne, you need not worry about it. If you or any other family members are in home isolation, then make sure to manage a room that has a good ventilation system and the place where the wind can pass. Some people may have difficulty in breathing, therefore, you can choose a room that has passing air more. In addition, you can have home plants that can help in producing oxygen for you and your family.

5. Say NO to visitors:

There might be festivals or any other gatherings but for time being, let’s stop it or postponed it to another suitable time. Say no to any visitors in your house and do not visit others as it can help to build a corona chain and increase the pandemic.

6. Disinfect the surfaces:

Remember to sanitize and disinfect the physical surfaces around your house to kill germs and viruses. The virus can last for some days so to keep it away from entering your body, choose any ways to disinfect the things around you more frequently. Wash clothes, eating utensils, and other stuff separated if an infected person is living together. It is better if you can separate the eating utensils and take precautions as much as you can.

7. Manage the waste:

If you in home isolation and quarantine, make sure to dispose of your wastes properly. Wastes should be packed inside strong closed bags before disposal. If not disposed of properly, it can affect other people involved around you and the waste management teams.

8. Stay Positive:

This might be hard for us to cope with depression and everything happening around but we shall never lose the faith in humanity and life. If it hurts you to hear news and get frustrated then, do not watch it. Stay at home and watch your favorite movies or shows and make yourself feel happy and content. Be with your family members, talk to old friends, speak with your loved ones, and make sure to stay positive and be strong mentally.

Hospitals are being overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, peoples are panicking. To keep your lifestyles and to store different lives, staying in quarantine is the first-class answer till a vaccine is discovered. True heroism lies in being clever ample to store others through saving yourself.

Stay Home, Save Lives