The Three Main Stages of a Job Interview: That Will Help You Get Hired

So, you have been called up for an interview for your dream job or any job vacancies and you are super nervous about what may the process in between. We have got you covered in this article about how to give a job interview properly.

The interview can be termed as one of the powerful and memorable steps in the life of every business professional. It is a highly professional conversation where both parties have limited time to learn about each other. After the cover letter and resume, the interview is the best way to impress the employer regardless of the background experiment. Through the interview, the employer tries to judge the potential employee’s fitness for the organization on various parameters or prospective.

Man and Woman talking inside office

Let’s divide the interview into three stages:

  • Before Interview
  • During Interview
  • After Interview

Before Interview:

  • In this world of technology, every company has its own social handles whether it be an Official website, Facebook Page Email, and everything online. Before you go for the interview, make sure to research the organization and its current as well as past background. This will gain the trust of the interviewer as the applicant is familiar with the organization
  • Know the type of job you are applying for and its description. This will help you to become confident during the interview. A clueless person doesn’t appeal to the attention of the interviewer.
  • Mapping out the location beforehand will help you reach the organization on time. This will indicate that you are dedicated and is fully prepared for the interview.
  • Prepare all the requested paperwork for the interview including resume, application, reference, original documents, identity card, and more. This will prevent hassle and nervousness.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy food.
  • Dress well and properly. Try to look smart and have a positive attitude. Remember the first impression is the last impression.

During Interview:

  • Reach the organization on time, better be 5-10 minutes early than to be late.
  • Revise your resume and all the documents that you have.
  • Speak confidently. Do not talk too fast or too slow. Take a proper pause while answering.
  • Try to give clear and diplomatic answers. Do not share any personal information which is not relevant to the questions.
  • Make firm eye contact with the interviewer to show you are confident and ready to talk about any challenges ahead.
  • Try to maintain your body posture in such a way that the interviewer also can feel the positive vibes from you.
  • Use impressive remarks and courteous gestures to end up the interview elongates the memory.

After Interview:

  • Get the business card from interviewers for further follow-up and post-interview correspondence.
  • After the interview, thank the interviewer for giving his valuable time.
  • Don’t hurry or make bad faces while leaving even if your interview didn’t go well.

While an interview can be challenging but you can do it with your attitude, knowledge, and confidence. Next time if you are invited for a job interview, don’t forget to utilize the above tips for better interview experiences also get hired.