Top 9 Skills That Employers Want from You

So, you have graduated recently or are ready to start a new job and nervous about what may be the next step. While your preparing to apply for your dream job from beginning to your recruitment, you may be wondering what your employer is seeking in you.

The skills that your employer wants to have in you can be many but we have mentioned a few of them which may give you an insight before you apply for any jobs:

  1. Interpersonal Communication Skills
  2. Teamwork
  3. Analytical
  4. Oral Communication
  5. Flexibility
  6. Computer Skills
  7. Written Communication
  8. Leadership
  9. Work Experience

1. Interpersonal Communication Skills:

When you write a memo, letter, or report, you are not only giving technical information but also showing your readers yourself. If you have good interpersonal communication skills, you can present your ideas logically and clearly and if you cannot express good techniques of writing, then your employer can think that you are not well enough capable for the vacant job position.

2. Teamwork:

Teamwork enhances productivity. Some people work together and work for common goals. If you lack teamwork spirit, then there are low chances of you being selected for the job. Through teamwork, employees can develop open lines of communication to ensure that the objectives of an organization are achieved successfully. Being helpful and having a teamwork spirit can land you in a good job position.

3. Analytical

Your way of thinking and logical reasoning can present your analytical skills to your potential employers. They might give you some of the circumstances where you need to showcase your analytical skills. Feed your mind with knowledge and good reading to sharpen your analytical skill.

4. Oral communication

Speaking is one of the most important tasks in your daily life. Speaking itself can be off anyway, it can be casual, formal, or informal. In the current scenario of the competitive business world, an employer not only looks for a competent speaker but also an employee with good oral communication. They should be good at face-to-face interactive communication, telephone etiquettes, and social media responses. If you have good oral communication, your employer will surely recognize your skills and can choose you.

5. Flexibility:

Day by day, the competition is so high and every business is starting to expand its services and cut off any unnecessary things. Employers search for those employees who can be flexible enough in terms of timetable, holidays, changes, and any unavoidable situations like a pro. They are looking for those who are capable to handle flexibility in the organization.

6. Computer Skills:

Although, laptops are taking over Personal Computers still they are called computers. Employees should have good knowledge about computers, their techniques and how it functions. The knowledge of the Internet and computer can impress employers.

7. Written communication:

In other words, employers look for an employee with good technical writing skills. They look for a good writer with proper grammar and appropriate sentences. The employee has to learn proper grammar and a way of making sentences that give a clear message to its readers which can be internal or external.

8. Leadership:

Giving orders and being ahead in front of a crowd doesn’t make you a Leader. The leader is the person who leads his followers together to a goal by motivating them. Having leadership skill uplifts your personality and make you stand out of the crowd. Developing leadership skills can land you in better jobs and higher positions in the future. Employers seek leadership qualities in prospective candidates.

9. Work experience:

You’ve got the degree but the employer also searches for any work experience. With our learning method in Nepal, there is a gap between studies and work. Having prior work experience can make potential employers trust you and convince themselves with the evidence of your past involvement in the same field. They can trust you more and can select you.

Discussing about work

Make sure to ask yourselves if you have any of these skills and work on them for their improvement. If you have most of these skills then you will be selected for the job you have always wanted to work for. Hope this works for you all.