What happens if we don’t drink enough Water – Side Effects of not drinking enough water

Our human body is made of different elements among which our total body weight consists of 50-70% of water. This shows that water is the most important for our body. Have you ever realized when you drink less water than what your body needs then you might experience difficulties in your daily activities? To keep fresh and maintain our body, drinking enough water is a must. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is recommended by different scientists and doctors. Just like a plant withers after not getting enough water, likewise, the human body experiences dehydration and can lead to many other things. In this article, you will find basic things that happen if you don’t drink enough water.

Here are the 6 Side Effects of not drinking enough water which we could face:

1.) Headaches:

Normally, our body loses body water from different activities like running, breathing, playing, and many more. Lack of fluid in the brain will lead it to shrink causing headaches. You may also feel dizzy and pain like migraines but you can rehydrate by intaking lots of water. Drinking water will help you ease off your headaches caused by dehydration. If it is still paining, then better contact your doctor.

2.) Constipation:

There are water receptors in the colon that pull water from the body to make the stools softer. With less body fluid, it will be difficult for body receptors to receive water and lead to constipation and other bowel problems. Therefore, drinking enough water will help you not to have constipation.

3.) Fatigue:

Since your body has already sensed the dehydration, it will start to show the reaction. Your body will have less fluid and start to feel the organs are not working properly which is why you will feel fatigued easily. Drinking water enough for your body will help you recover and be active like the beginning.

4.) Weight Gain:

It doesn’t mean that people gain weight because they don’t take enough water but it creates a psychological effect on the human mind.
Sometimes, people mistake thirst for hunger and eat more than usual. This will surely encourage them to gain more weight. Drinking water can help to slow down the process of feeling hungry.

5.) Dry Mouth:

Dehydration dries mucous membranes which means a lack of saliva. This sometimes leads to difficulty in talking, swallowing, and even breathing.
Drinking water will regulate the saliva and help your mouth to function well.

6.) Dull skin:

Ever wondered why your face is not that good and looks dull. Then try drinking enough water as dehydration can be shown on the skin in the form of dry and ashy skin. The entire health situation is shown through the skin so a healthy body means healthy skin and vice versa.

There are many more effects in the long term which is encouraged by drinking less water or not drinking water like heart attack, and other chronic diseases.
At younger ages, we have other foods and liquids that supply water to the body but when we are small and old, then it will be difficult for us to supply water through other mediums. The only way to stay healthy and have a good glow on the skin is to drink an adequate amount of drinking water. If you have difficulty drinking water, why don’t you download apps that can remind you to drink water? Happy Drinking Water.