What is an entrepreneur and how to be an entrepreneur?

In a simple sentence, an entrepreneur is a person who generates a new idea, creates a new business, bearing most of the uncertain risks, and enjoying most of the rewards. An entrepreneur is an owner, manager, and employee of his/her company.

You are working in someone else’s company and under pressure from the boss. The company and your profession may or may not be prestigious. It can be a good salary and any facilities but you are not satisfied with the work or profession. Because everyone wants to be freedom.

People are moving towards entrepreneurship and are leaving jobs even though those have a good salary. Some people have failed in their own life. That situation creates a future billionaire. For example; Jack Ma, He is the co-founder of alibaba.com and former executive chairman of Alibaba group. ( He tried three times for University – all failed. He applied for Harvard for ten times – all failed. He applied jobs for 30 times. All got rejected.)

Who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur?

If you really want to be a more successful entrepreneur, I am sharing some tips for you:


You can always look around the corners of the buildings. You can always experiment with new things and ideas. Think that why these people create a company with a small idea, so why not you? You can always think about new solutions to new problems. And you always come up with so many ideas every single day. You wanna do something you have to realize that curiosity must be associated with entrepreneurship. A curious person is always wondering that there must be something they can do to make things better. Having a positive attitude will get you a long way.


A more successful entrepreneur is always optimistic. So, you should always be optimistic. A great entrepreneur is an optimist for the future. And you have to ask yourself what problem you can solve, how you can solve a problem in a different way than others?

Take risks

You want to become an entrepreneur, you must have the capability to take risks. Entrepreneurs also know which risks to take and which they shouldn’t. You learn to recognize the risks that will benefit your business and take them. For the entrepreneur, you have to leave a job because you have to concentrate your mind on it.

See long vision

You should know that you will have to make sacrifices. If you have a great idea prepare for ten years. Don’t say I want to succeed within the next month or next year. This isn’t possible and forget about all shortcut success process. If you think I will win within four years, you prepare for six years.


You need to understand how to raise finance, manage money, and deal with tax. You need to set up a system with business tricks like; IT systems, planning, research, premises, and employees.


The people you surround yourself with can change everything. You have to find a group of people working together with you. Those people who believe the same vision those people come into join you because but it is not a job. Because they believe in train, ambition, and vision.

Focus on the things that are unique

Don’t focus on the things that are hot. Think about unique or different from others. Why can do better? Which product or service can capture the market?

Don’t wait for good Tim

Never wait for everything to be ready for you. Don’t wait for the environment to be ready. Don’t wait for the better government policy, when everything is ready there’s no optimism for you. You have to move faster before the government act. You know if I do this, if the government says everything is ready you should move to other areas that low chance for you.

Focus on target group

You should focus on a special customer group that is related to your business like; age, gender, income level, socio-culture, etc. These target groups will play a vital role in determining where you start a business.


The market is the main place to earn money. You should be focused on marketing before, during, and after you start your business. You have the best coffee shop in the city, but nobody will visit if they don’t know it exists

In the context of Nepal, we have a lot of challenges.

  • Here is still no craze in the people of the society regarding start-up, because our family doesn’t support entrepreneurship and advises you to do a government job.
  • People always try to make doctors, engineers, pilots their child but not entrepreneur, while they are very respectable and respected by these jobs.
  • Nowadays, something has changed in big cities, but people in small cities or villages still run behind the reputed or government job.

Everything has challenge. We should accept and take a bright way.

Entrepreneurship is not a 10 to 5 job. This is the job of 24 hours and 7 days. If you don’t want to work hard, you can’t be a successful billionaire. You need to be passionate and consistent. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task, but with these simple tips, something can help you become a little easier.
Starting a business is an exciting adventure full of new experiences, tough decisions, and a lot of hard work. As an entrepreneur, the power is in your own hands. Just grow up with your imaginations and ideas.
“We don’t lack money. We lack people with dreams and people who can die for those dreams.” -Jack Ma