Which Type of Glasses Suit Your Face

Glasses are vision eyewear wore to protect eyes from external factors and also used to balance the power of eyes with weak eyesight. These days, stylish and many types of glasses are available in the market providing options to the people who use them on a daily basis or for some time.

Choosing a perfect eyeglass for the first time can be challenging as you might not be able to find which will suit you. So, this article will cover your dilemma of choosing the perfect glasses suit for your face.

Firstly, there are many types of glasses and frames that are made of various materials. Try to choose the eye frames with low weight so that while using you will not have pain in your nose bones and temporary scarring. Then, know the face shape yours and try to find the glass accordingly. Here are some of the face shapes and some tips to choose the glasses that suit your face model:

1. Square Face Shape

A square face has more angular lines. It appears that the measurement of cheekbones, forehead, and jaw are equal.

  • Choose a thinner frame.
  • Ensure the width is barely wider than your cheekbones.
  • Round, oval-shaped, or cat-eye frames are recommended to use.
  • You can also try wearing colored frames to draw attention away from your square face.

2. Round Face Shape

The aspherical face has barely wider cheekbones and an equally large brow and jaw.

  • Choose frames that have bold, angular lines.
  • Ensure the backside hits simply above your cheekbones.
  • D frame, Rectangular or squared off cat eyes frames are recommended to use.

3. Heart Face Shape

A heart face shape has a wider forehead and narrows through to the Jaw.

  • Choose frames with detailing on the decrease portion.
  • Ensure the width is slightly wider than your forehead for balance.
  • D frame and aviators are recommended to use.

4. Triangle Face Shape

A triangle face form is widest at the jaw and narrows thru to the forehead.

  • Choose frames with detailing on the top portion.
  • Ensure the width is barely wider than your jawline for balance.
  • Browline or cat-eye frames are recommended to use.

5. Oval Face Shape

This type of face shape is considered an ideal type but that doesn’t mean everything fits well. It has barely wider cheekbones and a mild narrowing at the brow and jaw.

  • Choose a daring form that fits your style.
  • Ensure that you can play with colors and texture and look great.
  • Oversized frames work great with this type of face shape.
  • Square, Rectangular, or geometric D-frames are recommended to use.

This way you can find your perfect pair of glass. It is better to go to the market and try it before purchasing as you will have insights about how you are going to look. The main thing to remember is to know that the glasses are comfortable to use and doesn’t have much weight.